Payments will be due in installments throughout the season.  Full payments or alternate payment plans can be setup at any time.  The payment dates for the season are listed below:

November Parent Meeting: $500 intial payment
January 15th: $200
February 15th: $200
March 15th: $200

Payments can be made by mailing a check made out to "Sporting MKE" to the club's address.  If you live in the area, you an also drop in the box next to the door.

Sporting MKE
3444 S 58th St
Milwaukee, WI 53219

You can also pay online via PayPal.  PayPal allows you to link a bank account or a credit card to your account and send money electronically.  It will ask for an account to send funds to.  In this field you enter

Fundraising will be offered this year through Henry Nackers Carmel Company!  More information will be provided at the parent meeting.

If you need to set a seperate payment plan, please contact Nicole at 262-305-2748 or  We are happy to set up  aplan customized around your needs, and this will remain completely confidential.