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    All three teams competed in the Junior's Winter Classic 2019

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    16s win their bracket at Badger Region

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    15-Green takes 2nd in Whitewater

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    17-Navy comes away with another tournament win

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    17-Navy picks up their first tournament win of the season (1/6/18)

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Sporting MKE was founded in March 2015 in order to help build the game of volleyball in Milwaukee. The aim of Sporting is to remove the politics that seems to go along with youth athletics and give every player a fair shot. Every player for Sporting will have access to some of the top coaches and ex-players in the area and be given the proper training and coaching to succeed at the high school and collegiate level.

The name Sporting MKE is derived from some of the best sporting clubs in the world - Sporting Kansas City, Sporting Portugal, etc. The common goal of these clubs to build from within and to instill the best values in their players so that they can lead at the later portions of their volleyball careers and lives outside of volleyball. We want to make our players the best players and people that they can be.

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